Monday, September 29, 2014


When we have Spring the planets are in view of nature bearing fruit. The planets communicate to the garden about your fruit. The roses tell you this when you walk with your loved ones in the garden of your love and love explains this, a feeling from the 
planets. Gardeners know this and plant their plants according to the starry line up. God tells us this when you look up at the sky on a nice clear Spring starlit night, the stars almost look like mathematical equations from God or a child has played with drawing with a ruler in the sky. Stars tell your heart this and the planets take you further. This strange order of the stars by God's divine design is to communicate through the hearts of men when fruit is to be picked in your garden. The garden of love is where you take the person you love in your heart and the planets tell you how. So, love the garden to love the fruit on your wedding day. Amen.