Sunday, September 21, 2014


Dark in the forest of philosophy, moonlight leads the way and the owls call you in the trees. Birds tell you this in the undergrowth of your mind. The forest floor has some native nocturnal species and they may call you at night to make you aware of the undergrowth. Do not take your children to the forest, as you are not welcome there to be observed. The spirits of the native trees tell the bees not to come out at night for the silence of the forest is only known to God. Birds make you aware of this while they sleep in the forest, do not wake the birds or the possums will make you aware of what God said. Dark is the silence of the forest and black is the night on your journey through your heart to God. Birds tell you there are angels there so, do not wake them for God forbids this. Possums tell you this as they notice you in their forest on the way to the garden. The garden of love tells God this on your way through the forest. Do not exit at night in the mind's eye for God cares for you to live.