Friday, September 5, 2014


The castle is where the princess lives. This place is viewed by all but known by none, nobody has access to the castle. The castle is resplendent and a metaphor for the heart of men. God told us this on the way to Heaven. Heaven is in the heart with this for some being "love your cat day" and others, "love your wife day". So, why is the castle synonymous with the love in your heart taking you to Heaven? Well, apart from the obvious, extremely wealthy women live in castles with maidservants including all the trimmings with the royalty to take them there. What else could there be? For poor people on London streets, relentlessly they gather at the palace gates as royal watchers, a strange breed of people stressing they will see the Queen of England, luckily the dear lady lives elsewhere. The Queens guards trained with a certain breed of farming bloodhound, would soon get rid of them, they would smell their scent. Therefore, we must be talking about lower class people without a husband or a love life. God should sort them out with a pet dog. The castle of our heart is not for public view, neither is the life of the castle, so, we are left to imagine!