Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Sacred geometry is from the love of God and appears everywhere in nature, in the gardens. Every flower has a divine plan to attract the bee and make the honey. We have a sacred divine plan for God to see. Some people are obviously more good looking to God than others. All our internal workings follow God's instruction plan and reflect the nature that surrounds us. So, this divine understanding has a beautiful Spring day reflected in your face, everything in nature is reflected in the human being and everything the human being is, is reflected in Gods divine garden. The reflection of the self in a divine capacity equals God in the garden of the self, a church for the self. So, God is reflected in everything in nature you see as being beautiful to your heart. In nature with the light reflected in the clouds during the day they appear white, even low lying clouds with Gods ascension message at sunset, dawn to the birds. When the birds awaken at Gods first light our sacred geometry tells God to continue taking us on our passageway.