Sunday, September 7, 2014


On an earthly Paradise you would expect to find God's divine Heaven on earth, a golden place full of everything beautiful known to man. This golden garden of divine height would take your soul as if on a cloud by angel wing to meet God with the birds in the sky. The colours of the plants would look resplendent complementing the seven planets. Stars tell you this. Mostly God loves you in the garden of Paradise when you are born of an angel. The angels tell you this. Paradise in the garden of the heart is love to the angels. God loves you for this. The sweet birds tell you about love and you watch them fly up towards the Sun on angel wings to God. God loves you to love the sweet birds of the fields and they are angels for God. The starlight in your heart is nominated at birth while God is in the garden of Paradise and you follow this starlit pathway through God in Heaven. The last door of Heaven is when God tells you about the spirit ascending in Paradise. Paradise is the garden of the heart.