Monday, September 22, 2014


When you look for the stars in the garden of your heart they reflect the plant life there. A garden in the heart of philosophy equals the stars. If then you walk outside into a garden on a starlit night and the star patterns experience you, they are reflected in all the trees. The star mass tells you God is all around you and you experience this in your heart because the plants reflect his love. Love for a plant is God. The pathway you tread through the garden is alight with starlight and star patterns guide your way to God in the garden of your heart. God has to take you there on a starlit night so you experience his love and flowers tell you this. When God takes you to the stars he ascends you through Heaven and the stars elevate you towards God in the garden. Love the stars to love you and get the divine message from Heaven. Angels tell you this. God take me to the garden of my heart where the stars live, Heaven for the philosopher.