Thursday, September 11, 2014


Rogier van der Weyden presented Saint Luke Drawing the Virgin, 1440, once again with an early mathematical equation of perspective, more trying to work out the perspective of God. We have intelligent picture plane devices leading the eye into the foreground supposing a Christian blessing of the baby born, a breastfed Christ Child. A local artisan draws Christ for publication and this Saint Luke figure is reminiscent of self-portraiture of the artist viewing his newlywed. The Virgin, breastfeeding a child would not be allowed in public, only in front of the clergy that close through town. Everything about the play of inner geometrical squares trains your eye to the inner harmony of the perspective of God. Garden elements flank the river for another attention and in accordance with nature to God with the garden view out an open window using the same divine light. Such perfect symmetry is a rare harmony in art as well as nature.