Sunday, September 14, 2014


Luca Signorelli presents The Damned, 1499-1504, in Orvieto Duomo, Italy. This extraordinary display of the end of the world, when Hell meets the devil and God tells Satan to watch his step, is a representation of those only saved to be resurrected by the Saviour. This display looks like a demonic nomination of Hell and the Damned. Devils torture the deceased souls to resurrect the flesh or torture the devil out of them for final redemption, the saved need to be blessed and this is why this painting is housed in the interior of a church, God save. The emotive account of Signorelli has the end of the world equalling so much Hell that it feels primeval and we are talking about a representation of Medieval European village life where many thought this was the end of the world, so, maybe there were food shortages with country people frequenting the square needing money for food. Church blessed would be a service on Sunday for the upper class civilians, the poor would not be welcome as they were unblessed living in the country. Signorelli would be only communicating about society people of his own class and nature, turned evil, to be thrown to the damnation of Hell. This state of Christian philosophy come theosophy, would nominate the garden of the soul for Luca Signorelli, God take him there.