Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Wild bees live in the forest in wild hives. The honey of wild bees is to protect the queen bees. Bees only live like other insects for a very short period of time, usually only for one week and with some insects, they only live for one day. The queen bee does reproduce sexually even though some bees are exactly the same like clones of one another almost a more simple equation of Charles Darwin with his understanding of genetics. Like bees, humans also have direct purpose and God needs worker people like worker bees with a simple genetic code so they do not get bored working in a jam factory, for example. Bees do not exactly seem bored gathering pollen in the garden and they have a role to play for the queen bee, which is to feed her honey. Genetically coded bees for pollen transportation have a simple code and the bees for the queen have a more delicate genetic code in their very ordered society. Charles Darwin appeared to study the behaviour patterns of monkeys and apes being a natural scientist or naturalist, someone who studies species of plants and animals, and their behaviour. Apes socialize in a similar way to humans, broadcasting the news from the forest floor so species frequenting the treetops have time to understand the news report. Bees are aware of this and fly on by for their purpose for God in the garden.