Thursday, September 4, 2014


We have Casper David Friedrich presented to us with The Chalk Cliffs on Rugen, 1818. This spiritual observation of time verses the stages of life describes a contemplation of the abyss. The chalk cliffs are reminiscent of an angel height where the swallows dwell or a Heaven reminiscent of earth. We have several subtle indications of the spiritual development of man. For example, a youthful gentleman, in society clothing, contemplates the sea, a more senior gentleman has laid his hat and walking stick beside himself to crouch down and admire the view through the chalk cliffs, a society lady points as though to observe someone below her place on the cliff, all are surrounded by nature's greenery, green grass on the cliff and a tree frames the top of the picture plane. This extreme inner contemplation of the self with our worth through God's divine window is as deep a philosophy as it gets. All Friedrich's painting have the same nominated spiritual denomination and speak of the time whose focus tended to tend God in the garden and the spirit floated up to meet divine matter or God.