Tuesday, September 23, 2014


We consider the forest as a place of resource but not for the philosopher of the forest. Trees guide the path in the forest and starlight lines the way of your pathway guided by the stars above with God informing you of this. The trees reflect the stars of Heaven on a starlit night with the moon above and God tells you where you need to go. Philosophy tells you this. Moonlight to the philosopher informs the stars about where you need to go. The birds of the forest tell you this. If you see a snake in the forest, be his friend. Snakes tell you this on a moonlit night with the stars above and do not tell God you saw a snake or he will have to observe the pathway ahead. God tells you this on a starlit night on the highway to Heaven, do not tell the stars where you have been or you will alert the devil. The stars tell you this on the way through to Heaven but do not alert the ghosts on your pathway for they are only passing to be observed on a moonlit night so, do not go past the cemeteries at night, if they line the forest. Philosophy tells you this in the garden.