Friday, September 19, 2014


God takes you into your enclosed garden, the garden of your heart and closes the door to take you through the knowledge of your philosophy. Strait is the gate to the pathway of truth. The garden houses your dreams and delightful is the journey. Entombed in the garden of Christ is the message from God and you take yourself there at death. The garden gate is left open. When God wakes you in the morning, the birds sing in the trees and the sky tells you of the day ahead. Heaven seems all around and the cats purr sweetly to you on the end of the bed, sometimes needing a cuddle, this is God telling you he loves you. Angels are supposed to talk about God's love in your heart but sometimes stress if life does not go to plan, they are supposed to help you ascend to your heavenly pathway or get up and embrace your day. The trees tell you this in your minds eye. The birds love you to notice God with their song and fly over you as if to bless you in the garden of your mind. When Gods divine garden is all around you and you walk outside on his pathway, the birds tell you of his love. God take me to the garden and close the gate.