Monday, September 15, 2014


If you then take your mind deep into the dark recesses of where the spirit trees live, a forest of imagining, then we begin to live in the garden growth of the world of the mind and trees love you for this, we see where God had us grow for the spirit to fly somewhere. Trees tell you this. At night when the stars twinkle the brightest in the heavens above, God needs to be aware of who you are in his ascension to him, the Lord above. God tells you this. Forests are aware of you. The trees tell you this. Spirits live in trees and this is the word of God. God tells you this. The goddess of the forest shall not live for she is he. Gods tell you this. Do not cross God on a moonlit night or the crows will sing. Moonlight tells you this. The birds sing a tune to you to tell you of the love of God for they are love and they are God. God loves the birds to sing and they ascend unto him. Fly to the birds dear spirits because they love you. The forest tells you this on your way through. I love God to love me in the spirit of love for God in the forest, a garden of love for the birds. Ascend birds with the spirits of love.