Saturday, April 11, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

With Heaven in our hand we are one. How do we reflect Heaven? At the end of the world we have to reflect death and this will take us to the infinite. So, how does the infinite reflect death? We reflect Heaven. We are given a human understanding of Heaven and Hell or passages in time that take us to love and misunderstanding. This can also represent a conscious and unconscious awareness of infinity. A misunderstanding of death can take us through Hell and a misunderstanding of love can take us to the infinite. Death is an understanding of a conscious awareness of infinity and the unconscious. Love take us there. Heaven takes us further. Love is the only way to Heaven. The unconscious awareness of Heaven is something we hold in our hearts. When we are dying, in our unconscious, we are taken to the ascension of God to take our love ascension to Heaven. This ascension is trespassed by artists who are graced by a gift of God or their artwork takes them to Heaven. Art is a gift from Heaven.