Thursday, April 23, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

Christ is our heart, the heart of man. So, where does this take the Holy Spirit? If the heart of man represents Christ in his fullest Glory and our Holy Spirit unto the Lord takes us to God, what is the Holy Spirit? For some religions, the Holy Spirit represents Bethlehem or the message the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus, received of a Divine principle, more commonly known as Immaculate Conception by Divine Intervention. It was the Holy birthright of Jesus lay, God informed Jesus of Christ or his Christian birthright. Others take Christ to Hell with the Holy Spirit via a Trinitarian view, for Christ had the eyes of God. So, we contemplate the Spirit and the Spirit is man, and the Spirit is God, but the Holy Spirit is man. Our Spirit does take us to God via the Holy Spirit. We eat our last meal. For God our flesh is our blood.