Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

The infinite takes us to Heaven. As we soar our minds up to the cathedral of the heavenly domain of God, he looks down on us like the birds flying above the treetops look down on us from his heavenly domain. So, where does Heaven start? The birds fly up towards the Heaven in the sky and cathedrals steeples are designed to take our ascension up towards God and Heaven in the sky. Gothic architecture wanted to remind us of the Heavenly domain within. So, like a heart of glass or a four-chambered heart within, Gothic architects designed churches almost around a heavenly body. The angels of your heart flying as with the flying buttresses did for support like birds would fly upwards in a forest towards God's Divine light. The illumination of God and the infinite is the experience architects from this time, wanted to take your Spirit, soaring upwards towards the heavens. All ascension was upwards and Gothic style windows along with church steeples became long, narrow and thin to glorify God. For he is our inner steeple and the church is to represent our heart.