Monday, April 6, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

With some religions, when they talk about the end of the world and especially Armageddon with the image portrayed as one of Hell or at least when a Saviour returns to Earth and purges the world of the Sinners, Satan's army, the kind of Hell imagined is more in reference to a kind of Dantesque Inferno. Many of the reinterpretations of the Scripture forming the basis of post reformation bibles, do refer to modern day Jerusalem in the time of the Crucifixion or the 1st Century AD, when times were dangerous with war. Few people can get past the eventuality of their current life. Several times in the history of the world has life felt so hard that people thought the end of the world was near and modern day news footage does communicate people in the same position, today. Most areas of the world, of this nature, are recommended to be too dangerous to travel near. God did not need the human race to take God's Divine gracing to the base of a bottomless Hell pit. Love was the message of God. The end of the world is to communicate God.