Sunday, April 12, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

Few artists have taken us to the end of the world, with their artworks, other than in the Renaissance. The Renaissance times did take our understanding to as close to Heaven as God would allow. This was not only to escape from the feeling that the end of the world was near, although, admittedly, such pressure is an enormous driving force but the times of the Renaissance were also incredibly competitive for the luxury of wealth that made the times renowned. An educated gentleman of class would have been well versed in geometry and this was the education used to take the artisans to God in an incredibly wealthy, competitive environment. Other people have had to endure times that felt like the end of the world and used this kind of Hell to perform to their maximum ability, to take them to Heaven and God. The inner geometry of the self needs to be equated to take you to Heaven at the end of the world. The infinite is near.