Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

At the end of the world as with the end of the sea, we find the infinity of death. Death takes us further. Heaven takes you to God. Hell takes you to Satan. For some people, the end of the sea is infinity and this takes us to death. For others, the end of the sea would be where God takes you, as with a spiritual understanding of the entrance to Heaven or Hell via the sea or the sky. An infinite awareness of the end of the sea is God and is the sea, for the sky is reflected in the sea and God is reflected in the sky. We have a comprehension of the infinite by looking at the clouds and if we contemplate the mass of the ocean. Despite the equations of geometers and cosmologists, Renaissance thinking had trouble contemplating that the world was round or appreciating an infinite awareness past the equator. Admittedly, most Northern Europeans and Americans cannot comprehend there is anything past the equator, although, most of the Southern Hemisphere is older. The Divine nature of the Southern Hemisphere would suggest a place where you could find God or Heaven. The trade route throughout Asia has been a well established shipping route for centuries and prior to this during the Mongol Empire, (13th-14th Century), people walked or rode by horseback along the Silk Road up throughout European countries and across to Africa, a well established thoroughfare before trade was established. Along with merchant tradespeople, the pathway by ship has been a well-observed route for explorers and philosophers to make an equation of the end of the sea and to map the infinite. Infinity lies at the end of the sea.