Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

The end of the world is to communicate the message of love. We will be dying and God will take us to him. Love is something we share with one another but God needs our love. To love one another is to love oneself. Angels take your love to Heaven. The end of the world will not be anything other than pure Hell. To find love will not be easy and unless you have experienced love, there will not be any time to find any. Love is what we have to find for God. God created the human race to find love and this is our purpose for being. Angels tell us about our purpose. The seven angels of God are what we have to find in our hearts, they correspond to the seven ages of being and give you purpose. The seven eyes of God tell the seven angels in Heaven and we are blessed when we are seven for God to show the way. For this our purpose is set.