Monday, April 20, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

One wonders at the Divine message of God with Easter and the Crucifixion of Christ being of a certain day of the calendar month under a nominated moon. The birth of Christ happened in a similar way. If you equate the life of Christ to the life of man, and God does want us to equate our heart unto the heart of Christ, everything we do presuppose is supposed to occur before our thirtieth birthday. We are born who we are and God has a plan but for most a quiet homely family life is all that is required and some access to sustaining this existence. The life of Christ was more a Holy message. Christ required no family life but shared the bread. Seven events he had to perform in his short life, although, in the 1st Century AD, twenty-five to thirty was the average life expectancy for a healthy male. The job of a soldier was the main form of a livelihood along with subsistence farming. The seven events were performed.