Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

The reflection of life is death. Our unconscious mind and dream take us on a journey to contemplate our Spirit's purpose. Psychopomps can also appear in dream as animal spirits, especially associated with death. For example, cats, bats, crows and snakes are often there to communicate the darker parts of our psyche, with their purpose being unconscious. So, with the reflection of life being death, we are made aware of the self. The unconscious infinity of the self is only found at death but we are made consciously aware of the Spirit's journey towards this purpose. If we contemplate our dreams as preparing us for death, too heavily, the philosophy becomes too graven and almost turns to ash. So, before our Spirit is burnt out of the ether, we have to focus on our life and why the Spirit would need an inner reverie, to reflect upon itself or the unconscious mind. All the monsters, gods, deities, goddesses and animal spirits associated with the inner emotional life of the Spirit seem to exist in our psyche, somewhere. Furies, growling hellhounds and monsters from the abyss are better chased down to Hell by Satan. Nightmares and creatures of the night, do talk of our death, but so do the sweet dreams of love, and sacred purpose. We dream our life and God holds our hand. Love to love yourself.