Saturday, June 13, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

God threw "time" to us, so, "we" would know. "We" know, so, "he" knows, "we are". "I am", so, "we know". "We" know God in our hearts, "we" know "time exists" on Earth and "we know", "we exist", so, "I am". "We" are to know time in the framework of "space", so, "we exist" in "time" and "space", and have "form" in "space". Therefore, "we are" for "we know", God. "I am" and I "know", therefore. "We" had to know that "God existed in time", to take us through to the infinite, the infinite of "space", for "time" and "form", "are space". "We", "do exist" in "time", as a "form in space", "we are". When "we are in the void", "we" know God in "space" or that "we" take ourselves to God, "in a void" exclusive from "space", "I am". God exists, "in a time" that is "variable" and therefore "he", "is the void", "the void", "we", enter into, when, we need God, a Heaven for the heart. Heaven is our "inner void".