Saturday, June 6, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

The dream is a place where the unconscious infinity of sleep takes us to God and a conscious awareness of the self. God dreams we find love in our hearts, so, we find God. A dream to sleep the dream is love. The infinity of the self is our life. We reflect on the Spirit and the Spirit reflects on itself in our unconscious mind. The spiritual self is what the unconscious mind reflects on in dreams. We dream to know the self, the self to know. So, if the unconscious infinity is God, is love and is death, we are reflecting on our life. Our life is a dream and passes as quickly as a sleepless night. God dreams to notice us and love tells the story of our dreams. We are in love with God when the flowers notice you in the garden of your heart. Our conscious pathway is to walk through Heaven and we dream of a peaceful sleep. God shows us the mirror of the self in dreams. The Divine reflection of the self is the infinite. The unconscious mind is our infinity.