Monday, June 8, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

The infinity of the "human knowing" is metaphysics in the knowing. The God that is God, is the, I that I am, the, we that we are and the, they that we have or the, I that is known to God, for this takes us to infinity. The infinite of knowing that "I am" is we are "human beings." The first principle of knowing is philosophy. We are human beings. We are God when we know we are he, I am, therefore, I know philosophy. The philosophy of the self takes you to the infinite because you know you are he, I am, therefore, I know thyself is he, for we are one with philosophy and if we are one with philosophy, we are one with God. So, God takes us to infinity, the infinity of the self. We are the knowing "eye" of God, for "we" are "he". Therefore, I am.