Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

When we think about the unconscious mind and how it relates to a conscious mind, we have an inner talisman who refers us to the realm of the inner self like a gateway between reality and illusion, the rational and irrational, Heaven and Hell through darkness and light or life and death. The whole history of the human being has us worshipping demigods, deities, mythic beings and an inner life of the Spirit. We seem part monster, god, deity, goddess, love, hate and demon to the point of needing psychoanalysis to help venture into the inner self. Psychopomps are there as a tool for the unconscious mind to reflect on daily events that occur in the conscious mind. We are not looking into a reverie of inner Hell with the unconscious mind or when we look in the inner mirror of the self, do we only see an inner demon. The unconscious mind does make us aware of our conscious awaking of the self or our conscious mind. The Swiss psychotherapist, Carl Gustav Jung, was testament to this and spent his whole life researching the unconscious mind or the collective unconscious. We dream our death.