Thursday, June 11, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

"I know" and "I am" "known" to God, for this is why "I am" known. "I am". For "I am" "known", that "I am", for "we" are "known" to God, this is because "I know", "I am". "I am" because "I know", "I am" to God because he "knows", "we" are. "I am". "I am" for "we" are, who knows God. "They are". "We" have. "I know". "I am". "We" are all one in the face of God for "he" is "he" and "we" are they. "I am". For "they are", "he" that are one and "we know". God, "I am". "We know", "you are" for "we" know "he". He is God who knows "I am". God, be there to judge. "Heaven knows", "I am" for "he" is God who resides there, "in Heaven". I am, "he".