Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

If we think about why we "know", we are taken to an infinite of knowing and this equals God. Therefore, I am, I am "known" to myself as I am "known" to God. We do have a faculty of knowledge and this takes us to the infinite. Knowledge is love, for we are "he" and we are one with philosophy. How are we made aware of the infinite or who we are? We are one with love. To be is to know. Our life and everything around us takes us to an awareness of the self. The infinite knowledge of the self is God, therefore, we know. To love is all that is required to know God in your heart. I am he who is known. We can take ourselves to God and a knowing of the infinite by looking at the sky and the changing time of day and here, angels brush our heart with a blessing. We are because we know.