Thursday, August 1, 2013

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Hell for any native Australian is the sand on the oceans foreshore, this is where the native Australians would have greeted the first fleet of ships and they were having an ascension service there so would have been facing the sky with their eyes closed and were shot down in cold blood by the incoming ships in both Sydney and Melbourne. The native Australians would have known this would happen being mystics, philosophers and seers. They were initially from Africa and used to go on a special pilgrimage and return to their native village. This would have been as far as India by foot and usually they would have circled around back to Africa. There would have been a different landmass back then so they could have walked without sea voyages. They kept going when they were coming to Australia via China and this would have taken about one hundred years. This would have been quite a journey and they would have picked up wives along the way. They would have thought they had found a garden of paradisiacal quality. Whereas the garden they would have been searching for originally was found somewhere else along their ascension ceremony service pilgrimage and would have been an oasis.

Martin Schongauer