Friday, July 1, 2016

Of the Body

Nicole Page-Smith

Of the Body

Blessed by the body of Christ we know the dimensions of the Spirit. The Spirit flows through the body and leaves a hollow where, God ascended our body to Heaven. To look through the eyes of the Spirit is to see the cavity of God or the width and breadth of a mind, already, ascended. We are reminded of the origins of Christ as a baby with religious images of the Madonna and Child and here, the grace of mother Mary has never been so eloquently expressed than by the Italian, 15th century, Florentine, sculptor, Luca della Robbia. Christ Blessing by Antonello da Messina, c. 1464, describes the Spirit of God and here, we are blessed of our body. We rise in ascension like Gothic church windows, towering to God as the body's elevation has the Spirit ascended to Heaven. Christ, born of ascension, was already of the Spirit of God and born in Heaven, born in the arms of Mary. The soft, milk white, tones of ivory, stone and glazed ceramic describe the passage of the Spirit, even further as we are of one body and a universe of the stars. The body resumes.

We eat of the flesh for we are body. Our body is the heart of Jesus for God was Christ. A fragment of our body is left after the Crucifixion of Jesus and that is the heart. The heart is all we are, all God responds to and what holds your heart? God holds your heart, for most and the Christian altar holds the heart of others. For the coming of age of Christ, for some communities would mean a time in your life of change, ascension for some. If you could put the preceding idea into a context of the current Western culture and what both men and women strive for by the age of thirty-three, we could participate. Most men by the coming of age have achieved their goal and are rewarded. Women of the mother of Mary would have the rest of their days to fill even if it required a workload. The heart is placed. Our fragment is our reward or what is left.

There is an ivory Crucifix by Pisano describing the fragment of Christ that is necessary. The arms and legs are only partly there as the body would have originally been attached to a Cross, one would presume. In the general value of ivory work from Early Christian times and onwards, the little piece is exquisite. Giovanni Pisano and his father are mainly known for their large exterior church sculptures etched with time into marble to give their surface an acquired love worn look, most are now housed in the interior of buildings or specially housed church museums. Although, the exterior Pisano sculptures are also suburb, the little ivory Crucifix is small enough to fit right into the pocket of your heart. We are of one body, one world, one Soul and this is the body of the heart or Christ. We were all born of Christ, to live. God breathe the life.

The body is like the stem of life and God breathes light into your heart to give it the light of God. Your body is the home of the Spirit. Jesus Christ is our bodily connection to the world and to the earth. The body represents the limbs and sometimes they are torn, we feel dismembered from our Spirit, psychologically. Our Spirit earth needs to be in connection with God. Your heart can heal through the workings of the body and feed it better fruit. Love is our connection to God. The body is a vehicle. When the body tempers age, parts of the body wear out but the Spirit of the heart is restored. God takes you to him in times of need. The body like ivory is your sacred vessel and you are the sacred blood of Christ, we are the body. The Holy Spirit take you to God, our body is one in three. We eat the bread.

We are of wine when we are body. Christ the Lord is our body for we are one with God. We are one with our body for we eat bread, the bread of Christ. We had wine that day, the day of the Lord. We were the blood for we drank wine. The blood of the Lord is Jesus Christ and he was Crucified for us. We were of the tree for we were staked in the forest. There was fruit and honey for the sweetening of Christ and this was the flavour of the wine. Sweet wine is of myrrh and honey. Sweet wine is of the myrtle tree for God. God is the mantle. God is known but Heaven conceals itself in the forest of the love for Christ. Christ is known for he was Crucified for his Sin, the Sin of loving God so sweetly. God loved Christ for he was Crucified for him, for the Lord, the Lord is Jesus Christ. Christ is our one, our Savior and our faith, the faith of God. God love the Lord above for he is one, one with Heaven. God is love for our body for we are to love ourselves, with the Cross. Crucifixion occurred on the Holy day, the Holy day of Christ. Jesus is our body, for we eat, the bread.