Thursday, July 21, 2016

The body knows the Spirit

Nicole Page-Smith

The body knows the Spirit

Our body is at the foot of the Cross. The heart lay above the feet, the feet of Jesus. At the foot of the Cross, we stand, we stand for God. Above our heart we fear to trespass, the sacred place on Earth. We are of the Earth and the sacred skull. Our ancestors lay buried, buried of the Cross. We are of the sacred soul of Jesus. Jesus lay himself on the Cross for he lay down, he lay down for Jesus. Christ died for we lay down, lay down our body for Jesus. Our body is the home for Jesus. Our Spirit lay above the Cross. Crosses were placed in the Earth. Our body starts above the Cross, and above our heart, at the feet of Jesus. Our sacred Spirit is not to be trespassed and do not talk of the feet of Jesus where, he lay down, lay down at the Cross. The heart of Jesus is where he lay, lay in a tomb and a chamber. God is amongst the animals in the garden. Our body is the heart of Jesus.

The body is the blood, the blood of Jesus. The body is in the garden of Christ. We are trees and of the stake, of the stake of Jesus where, our trees grow. The garden has flowers who shine brightly to you. Beware of the Devil in your garden for the snake is attracted to the smell of flowers. The body knows the honey, the honey of the sap and trees exude this substance. Sometimes the sap of the tree will ooze onto the ground. Trees grow in the garden. The body grows into the limbs there are limbs of sap for we are the sap of the Earth. The Devil knows no sap. We are trees. Limbs do grow. Where Christ lay down, it was a meadow. The meadow bloomed in Springtime for it was our life and trespassed the life of Jesus. We lay down. Our body bled for Jesus. Our body is of the skull of the redeemed one. We are of the Earth. We are one blood. In one lifetime you will find Jesus for he lives on the Cross. We live on the Earth.   


We are Earth for Jesus. Our body is the Earth and we live. We live for our bodies needs and food is of the body. Plants grow and shelter us, shelter our body. We eat the foods of the Earth, for the Earth nourishes our body. We are of the body of Christ and he ate for we died, died the life of Christ. We live on the Cross, for Jesus, Jesus crossed our path. We live on the Earth and the Earth spilt its blood, spilt its blood for Jesus and, for God. We eat of the Earth for our body. Our body is for Jesus and for God. The Spirit is for Jesus. Our skull is for God. To contemplate our death, on the Cross, we contemplate our body. Our heart is above the Lord Jesus and tries to reach God. Upwards your life grows like a tree. We ascend, grow and develop limbs. Our limbs are to develop the Cross. We are crossed like Jesus on the Cross and our limbs travel out in a Cross formation. Our mind travels upward and above the Cross of Jesus. We grow upwards above the trees, there you fly, fly with the life of Jesus and the Spirit ascends. The heart is ascended.

We are of the body of Christ for we have heart, the ascended heart of Jesus. We are all heart to God for we know love. To know love in your heart is of the Earth. A primal love known to the body is of the Spirit but, also of the blood of the Earth. Spiritual love is of transcendence. Transcendent love flies to God and exists with the angels in the clouds. A philosophy exists in the ethereal place in our hearts where God takes you to Heaven. We are three in one in a body, part Spirit, God and heart. Our Spirit flies next to Jesus as the Spirit is ascended with the heart. Love in the heart ascends your Spirit to God. Our primal, earthly body knows the pain of earthly concerns and emotional pain is the next to Jesus. The Spirit flies forth and notices the Spirit, in flight, for death is next to the Spirit. The deep soulful earth feels your trespass and informs the angels via the gods. Birds inform your Spirit with a deep reverie like the echo of the bottomless pit offered by Bellbirds. We are like a transcendent Spirit of the body. The reverberation of thought echoes back at you.

Your Spirit is an echo of the body and lingers on your earthbound living limbs. The body, in ascension of itself, drifts with your thought patterns like clouds on a windy day as your Spirit moves closer to God. We are born of the angels in the sky and your Spirit flies with them to Heaven. Somehow we do not just return to the angels, at death but, our Spirit grows to know God, more and more, until it departs company from the body and, returns to the angels in the sky. We float with the memory and like a passing thought, the philosophy of our Spirit becomes air and we become angel with God. Our body has flight, a knowing in the Spirit's wings. Earthly angels do exist in your heart and they only know love through ascension. When you think of the clouds, the heart's angels breathe your oxygen. Earthly love is our heart's presence in the body, the instrument we feel and our sacred connection with God. The body knows the Spirit.