Thursday, July 28, 2016

Our Christian body only knows love

Nicole Page-Smith

Our Christian body only knows love

The body is for the Spirit of an angel to fly with it through its earthly realm or current life. Your guardian angel is your Spirit. Time is on your side so live in the present. To have the Spirit leave the body as with sleep, astral traveling is for the Spirit to find its home. Your Spirit looks for you with the angels and greets you there, in your Spirit's home and, this is supposed to be your body. We fly with the Spirit. To our selves is the home to know. The Spirit knows the home is itself, the body. You have an angel and this is your home. Home is where the hearth is. Your shelf, your doormat, your face, shows the Spirit. Home is where the heart is at or how you feel about yourself. We are brethren of Christ for he knew himself by his Spirit, the Spirit of God. We feed the multitude and the multitude is the fish. The miracle of Christ is the loaves for we are the bread. We are the Spirit Christ. The Christian symbol of the fish is a union of two goddesses, the water and the bread, our body.

We ate of the body for we are Spirit. God provided the fish. We are the water for we are of our body. Our body is good with wine and this nominates the body. The body was the blood red wine of Christ. We are of the body and this is Spirit, the Spirit of Christ fell upon us. Our Spirit was taken to Jesus at birth and we all reside in the Spirit of Jesus, for he lay down. God lay down our Sin for Jesus, our Spirit. We were of the Earth for this is where we lay. We fell to Earth. The fall is our passage. We were born of Heaven, in the garden and our Sin was all too human, that we lay down for Jesus. We lay down of the Earth. We are of the Earth so, this is a trespass for our Spirit and our Spirit's home is the Earth. The barren Earth is the home of the Spirit, to walk its passage, in time, but, also, to exist of the Spirit, the Spirit of Mother Earth. The body knows the Spirit for it lives of the Earth. We eat and she lay down.

We are of the body of Earth in twelve ways. Twelve would nominate the seasons and the twelve calendar months and then, we are blessed. There are twelve parts of the body for Christ. The feet, the arms, the hands, the body, the heart, the mind, the head and the eyes, we, also have legs and, a spine, a nose and, a mouth, for we are the face of Christ, in a Christian way. We are the Cross, for we have the Cross to bear, our life. An apostle of twelve is our knowledge for the rock. The star patterns, in alignment of the twelve, Christian, zodiac, constellations give our body, an awareness. We are aware of the food we eat and the biblical reading of Christ, he nominated the land. The rock hits you in the face as though the stars shine too brightly in your eyes. A barren tree to hang your knowledge on is the Spirit in the wilderness. We were guided by our Spirit in twelve different ways and these pay homage to our body. We were blessed by the rock.

Christ was blessed by the rock. His name was Jesus Christ and this assumed the fish. Christ's followers followed his name. It was written. We face the land and they face the sea, the sea of the people. Christ faced the rock for he was blessed. The sea of the people came in multitude. The people were followers. Saint John the Baptist was a hermit who lived by the rock. Christ is nominated as a healer of the sick, the wounded and the lame and observed to perform miracles, the miracle of the self. God gave courage to the multitude. We do not face the open sea, we face the people, ourselves. People do not traditionally observe one another, for pious Christian beliefs or the purpose of God. We face the wilderness with our Spirit as we face the rock, the truth or God in the Heaven of the sky. Our body only knows one purpose and that is the self. Our relationship with God is the purpose of the body. We are the body of Christ and God bless. 

As we walk side by side with the sea of people, we turn our back on the open sea. The Spirit of Christ was for the people like your guardian angel and a guiding star. We have work to do for God and need to confront the wilderness of the self, your Spirit. Our Spirit communicates with God as stressed by Plato with Divine circle in the head, we know the planets that way. Our body is connected to the axis of the Earth and spins. We circulate. As seasonal cycles make us aware of a spinning sensation, we notice star patterns, decrease and increase, moving to left or right of the spinning axis, of the Earth around the Sun. We notice the moon waxing and waning or increasing and diminishing in size. We are a moonrise, for some, in Spirit. We are, blessed, by the light, of God, by day or the reflection of the stars on the rock. We face the multitude, in Spirit, for we are of the Spirit of God. Our body spins with the axis. Will we ever understand gravity or the gravitational pull towards the love of, God. Our Spirit is not to face the open sea where, danger lies and sea creatures enlighten you. The Spirit wanders the barren Earth. Our Christian body only knows love.