Thursday, July 14, 2016

We are one with our body

Nicole Page-Smith

We are one with our body

Our body knows the Earth and holds starlight. If our body were the Earth then, this is the knowledge the body would hold. We hold the age of our planet in our heart as though we were a prior life form. Stars hold our heart and all the knowledge of the Universe, God will allow us to observe. Were we former dinosaurs or microscopic life forms, found in the garden? Our body is starlight and as though it is impossible to grasp a future purpose, the past appears in reverse. Maybe we are only here to discover the body of Christ and how we materialized from the knowledge of God. We are to observe the love of God and learn why the future holds the past, so dear. We observe life like Spirits of the dead and as though the whole purpose of the human being was to observe a history of ourselves. Do we exist at all or only in memory of ourselves? Our body seems as though in reflection of a Divine self and has no substance. We are in the void of knowing.

The body is our knowledge. Our body is a fragment of our being. The Spirit transcends. We exist in a Spirit form of the knowing of Christ and float in the ether of being. Our history is reversed for us to contemplate our future body, a body in the knowing of Christ. We are one with our body. If we are in the void of knowing Christ in our blood then, matter has disintegrated. In the knowing of love, Christ exists in Spirit. Spirit matter is the self. We are broken down into elements and our chemical equation is oxygen, the oxygen we breathe. We reflect on the sky and clear blue days, ahead. Our disintegrating body replaces itself with aging cells to accommodate age but our heart's matter needs to know a different substance and love in the heart of philosophy with the age of the sky reflecting this substance or God. You feel there is a different golden matter of the heart to linger with the Spirit and each cell holds a golden substance. Heart cells pump the love of God around the body and must generate the golden feeling of the Spirit. Will our golden knowledge surpass our understanding or be all that is left when our aging cells disintegrate, too? The body knows no heart only love in every cell.


Our heart knows no body, only the love of God. The valves of the heart are joined to the body and blood flows through you as we breathe the oxygen of life. We are of the body of Christ. The Lamb of God knows our body and bleeds. We hold the goblet. We are redeemed of Sin for we hold the river and we are blessed of our body. There is only one river and this is life. The body flows through us. Arms and legs are replaced annually along with the hair cells from your hair roots. Cells of your body replace themselves while water and blood flow through you. We feed the body of nourishment and the vessel holds our Spirit. We have Spirit in our blood as we are one with the Lord. Our heart knows the Spirit. Like limbs we develop and grow with age. We are one with Christ and he died on our birthday for our Sin, the Sin of knowing Christ in our heart. We are one with the knowledge of God for this is the tree, the tree of our limbs. Water and wine are our sap, the sap of our being. We are blood.

We are blood with the knowledge of Christ. We are body. Our feet and our limbs are one with the Christian indication of the Soul and our Spirit is connected to God. The heart knows your body has wine, the wine of the Earth. The Spirit knows the Spirit water where, we are wine or the blood Earth. We are a liquid for God through our veins. The Spirit is our knowing. We know the matter of God is our body. Our body eats the bread and honey is the comb. Honeycomb combs our hair with bees and flowers line our Christian way. We are maidens and goddesses of the Earth. Smell fresh fields and gardens of flowers in Springtime to know the senses of the body. Taste pure delight of the garden. Hear the birds of the forest trees. The sight of love is all around your garden, for God is the honey of the trees and music to a bumblebee. Our body senses the self and enjoys itself next to God. The blood of the heart is our matter for love is the heart matter of God. Our heart is our body, the body of the earth. Travel forth.

Our body has eyes and we see, God. We are given clear vision and the vision of God has a perspective. The vanishing point of God has a straight line along the horizon line and forward along a straight line. We see clearly when God has eyes and perspective is a line through God's vanishing point, to travel through to the horizon. Horizons of another variety are what we hope for. We see our body clearly when we observe ourselves. To look inside yourself is to see what your heart provides and Christ observed God, here our body sees itself. We are of a body known to man, the human body. We are of the book, of the book of Christ. We glorify the body by making representations of the body in art. Images of Christ glorify the self. Sculptures of Christ reach the pinnacle of perfection when they translate the meaning of God. We see through ourselves when the Spirit is ascended and the elevation takes us closer to our heart material. God knows the heart is ascended and elevated above the foot of the Cross when, we see ourselves as God. The Spirit is absorbed by flesh and your horizon lay at your feet. We are one with our body.