Friday, July 8, 2016

Our body knows one Universe

Nicole Page-Smith

Our body knows one Universe

We eat bread for we are the body of Christ. Christ's heart was ascended on this day with love. Christ is of the body for Christ is the heart. Our love is ascended on the Holy day. To love is the ascension and to love God. We love God on the Holy day and this is our Crucifixion, for we are in love with the Lord, the Lord above. Our primal love or the love of our fellow human beings, your wife, children and family, is our earthly connection with God and our spiritual concern is with Christ, our fellow man. The Lord took our heart to Heaven and this is known as our Crucifixion. Our primal love took our heart and our mind took our Spirit to God, this way. Our Original Sin is our primal body, for it only knows earthly love, in the garden. Our Spirit flies with God, in the garden. God knew, we had primal instinct and he placed us in the garden with the animals. God, fly unto thee. We eat the bread of Christ and this is a Christian meal. We eat bread on the Holy day on the day of the Cross and then we drink wine for the Spirit. We died for Christ for we were born on the day of ascension.  

We were born for Christ. We were born of the day. We were born for the Cross. We were born for love. We were born. Of, love, is for Christ, for Christ was the Holy Father one. We are in love with Christ. Christ is for our body. Our body is our feet. We are at the mercy of God. Our Spirit is Holy. The vessel is our blood, the Holy blood of Christ. The vessel is for our Spirit. God is our golden highlight, for he resides in Heaven. We are of our flow, for we flow like a river. There is a body and the body knows the heart, for the body has a heart and, a Spirit. We are the ascended one, for we ascended from the grave. The grave of Christ is the Holy one and our Spirit is of the body. We are all related to Christ. God was our ancestry and we are of the Christian way. Our body is of the way of Heaven, for Heaven foresaw. God is the way of Heaven. We ate the bread, for we, are Christ. Christ is the all knowing one. Omnipotent are our brethren, for they are the brethren of Christ. Christ is our body.

The resurrection of the body needs two feet. The Lord show the way for our body is of the Cross. Two feet are needed for the risen. The Spirit of Christ did rise and did rise from the body. From the tomb, Christ did rise to Heaven. Our body is the threshing field for Christ and did rise. We rise above the foot of the Cross, on two feet. Christ did rise, above the foot of the Cross and did rise. We are of flesh and blood. We do know our body and we do have love, love of the Lord, within. We are one, one with God and the body. We are to rise above ourselves and rise above the tomb in our lifetime, Christ has risen and our heart stands. We withstand the knowledge of the one and his name is Christ. We are blessed, blessed with the knowledge of God for he is the one, our body, our Christ and our Lord, above. Christ is the Savior of the world for he knew his heart and his heart was the forsaken one, for God, for love and for thee. We are of the one body, the body of Christ.

We are one mind, the mind of our body. When we are of the world, we spin, on a globe or an axis. There is one world of Christ and this is our body. We are of the body. Our mind is of the body. We are of the body of Christ. Stars light the way to Heaven for our heart by an angel's gracing. We are of one Spirit. We are only, graced by one angel, our livelihood and our life is our angel for God. God knew no home, for God was an angel, the angel of the heart, our body. Mercy is the angel of love and our heart had mercy, mercy for the one, above. God is the angel of the heart, our body. Our Spirit is the angel of the mind, our body. Of the body, God flew up to mercy and he was an angel. Of the mind flew down to grace God. We are of one time frame and our life. We are blessed. There is a mountain but we are graced. Our body is our ocean, sea. We are blessed out at sea by our ocean, an angel out at sea. We fly with the gracing. God walked the floor when, we walked the ocean and God saw all the fishes out at sea. Jesus walked the water, for Bethlehem. We walk on the water's edge. Our feet are our ocean and we swim the widest berth. 

We are one with our body, the body of Christ. We are of the blood, salt and brine. We are of the body. Our sea is our blood. The Spirit of God is ascended as the Spirit is of the fishes. The basket brings in the Spirit. The body of Christ does trespass our own body, your own Spirit is of the brine. We are of the body for we eat the flesh, the fish and the bread. We drink the wine as an offering of the sea. The Christian pathway is of the sea. Our body. Our blood is like an ocean, salty and of the sea. We are all of one world and have the Christian blood of our brothers, the brothers of Christ and a Christian faith. Our body is to be eaten like bread, consumed with age and the love of the Lord. The Spirit is to live and swims inside us like the fish of the ocean. We are to grow with the knowledge of the Lord in our body, the Spirit of the self and God lives in the Spirit. We have blood that flows through our body like a Christian galaxy of stars. Our life is out to sea. Our body knows one Universe.