Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Spirit ascends

The Spirit ascends

by Nicole Page-Smith

We are in laurel leaves in our hair and we are of the tree. Trees and branches become synonymous with the stars in the sky. Branches of entanglement of worth reflect your star path and the Universes of star patterns far, far, away. An indication of our cosmos exists, in the starry night sky, on a well lit, night. Saint Mary Magdalene walked the pathway with the Spirit in mind, to reflect the Spirit of Jesus. To contemplate the hollow and the passage, of the Spirit, of Jesus, is to reflect on death, and God. Jesus was born in Heaven with the Spirit already on its journey. Our hollow skull is the Spirits cavity and God is our reflection as though the sky were our face. The sky blows with the wind and the laurel leaves scatter on the ground, our Spirit wind. Did you fly to Heaven today or catch the wings of an angel? Birds fly through the trees with the Spirit in mind for they represent love. Stars appear to overtake your Spirit and then, you are stardust. The whole of Heaven and the sky are covered with starlight by day. The pathway to a Saint is to walk, alone, in the company of God.

We are lit, by Heaven as Heaven, lines the way. The stars shine down, on Saints, as they are blessed, by God. We walk that way but never find the pathway of a Saint. God is alarmed but Saint Mary Magdalene was for men. We are of the one Spirit of Jesus. We are of the skull because we are of the one Spirit. Our Spirit is blessed by the one cavity. We ascend our knowledge out of the cave and this is when the book is written. The bible was written for the birth of Jesus after ascension, day. The tomb is empty where Jesus lay for the Spirit ascends to Jesus. Saint Mary Magdalene dealt with ascension. The Spirit of Jesus was transcended, into the heart matter of the laurel bush he went. We are blessed by the love of Jesus for we are of the heart, the heart of the Lord Jesus Christ. Stars light up for Jesus at night and God bless the stars. Stars fall down on the Saints by day for starlight in Heaven and they circle the wings of fate, the anointed one, the Lord above. The laurel is a blessing wand.

Saint Mary Magdalene is from the tree and the Saint is the wood. Trees have leaves and they are, a laurel, of worth. Tree leaves are of the laurel bush and there are stakes of worth in the bushes, a thorn for some. Thorn bushes are not of the laurel for they are of the worth. Leaves scatter and fall when the Spirit blows through, on a wintery day. God was born on the Cross, for the stake and the eye of Jesus, he was Crucified for love. A love of the Spirit is the heart of Jesus. Saint Mary Magdalene walks on the laurel. The bushes of worth are for the blessing of Saint Mary Magdalene. The wind blows with the Spirit of Jesus, for the Spirit's Christian worth. Your skull is scatted by leaves for the Spirit, a laurel of the wreath. We are fated by the wings of the Saint of worship and we feel her presence in the stars. The stars of nature hold the trees in their arms for a nature of Mother, worth. The laurel is your worth.

Mother Earth denotes the laurel tree and Daphne was so, evergreen. Eternal love was at play but Mother Nature, knew, no more. We are blessed at the Spring of Eternal youth. Green and forever green, the wood could tell us more. Green is the Spirit of the wood, for laurel leaves know forever more. We are of the Spirit tree and Daphne was dressed in a lovely way. Cupid's arrow would know no other huntress. Are we related to Spring or Eternity? Leaves scatter and your wreath is blessed but do not wear the laurel or know the moral of the story, blessed. Laurel leaves are forever grown and known to the tree of the blessed. We are of known and worth, forever, of the laurel. Daphne walks a starry path and portrays forever blessed, a Nymph of the forest of worth. River gods are blessed. The primal waters are of the Spring and Eternal are they for the Holy water. Gods live there, to guard the Spirit and Nymphs are of the forest. Daphne describes our Holy water, pure, for Daphne is of the laurel. The Eternal Spring can only be found in your heart and God branches out. Love is of the waters Divine, our Spirit.

Daphne's roots grew into the waters edge. Laurels are the moral of the story for they have feet. Laurels walk the pathway for they grow branches and roots entangle their feet. Laurel leaves are for the hair and like Daphne your hair would have the laurel. Blowing in the wind, trees, do celebrate the laurel. We are of the moral. Our Spirit flies with the wind but down on earth, Mother Earth, combines her knowledge. The stream of entangled earth and clods of roots of trees that do overhear her, have Daphne embrace the laurel. Of primal waters we are stream. Creatures of the forest fly with butterfly wings to wild honeybees for the maiden and the maiden is of the comb. Black as treacle honey, our wild hives do buzz. Mother Earth they called the laurel for our Mother had feet and did walk. We walk the laurel. Our feet are wet with forest earth.

Mother Earth. Saints walk the pathway. Starlight is our vision. On the other side of the world, by day, white light, glows. Tread the laurel for the leaves. Walk as though, through, freshly fallen Autumn leaves, a garden pathway for a Saint. The footsteps and Saint Mary Magdalene walked, through, the garden gate. The eternal pathway fears no trespass where starlight holds your heart. Heaven is the knowing of the heart. Eternal is the pathway to a Saint. 

Garden rocks covered the tomb of Jesus. Jesus is of the rock. The tomb of Jesus holds the eternal light of the Spirit and the heart for some. Realms spin in the celestial heavens, above. We are human beings, but live of Original Sin, born of the laurel, for Jesus and Mother Earth, our primal waters. Saint Mary Magdalene is our Mother, for the Saint protected the right to love Jesus, our human Spirit. What is your connection to God? The skull? Laurels line the pathway to Jesus and along the Galilee. We are of the one Spirit, one Heaven, one mind and the pathway to Jesus. Saint Mary Magdalene walked the pathway to Heaven and to the tomb of Jesus. The Spirit ascends.