Sunday, March 15, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

When the world ends there will not be any forestation or plant life at all on the Earth's surface as it will be too hot, arid and windy. The dusty plains will be our home of residence and presumably we will live underground. Matter disintegrates when there is not enough oxygen and too much carbohydrate in the air. Like Early Christian martyred Saints who went to find God in the nearby surrounds, the heat would cause a mirage and hallucinatory imaginings. Unfortunately, this is too close to death and hence God but they had to find God in the desert,
some Saints also found their death. The philosophers who went to seek God in a similar Christian way often were met with barbaric views and condemned to death for varying opinions. Crucifixion was a barbaric way of killing criminals but other acts of the same barbarism included being stoned to death. However, the philosophy still survives along with the stories in the bible, retold. An understanding of Christianity that talks about the Passion of Christ takes most people to the love of God. We need to find the love of God in our hearts to embrace the idea of death. At the end of the world we will find the infinite.