Thursday, March 19, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

The equation of the end of time equals the infinite. Even though we are short lived as human beings, God gives us an understanding of eternity. The eternal is God. Equations of time give us a sense of the eternal. For example, looking at the ground gives you an idea of how old Earth is or how old our planet is. We can equate this by all the given factors in the near surrounds. If you look at the sky, you are given an idea of the infinite and everything about the solar system. The wind and the clouds tell our hearts why we are here or what our position is in the Universe. Our purpose for being here on Earth and why we exist, as the human race, is God's plan by design but God needs to equate our purpose. Every human being is born with a purpose for God. Few people appear to be completing their task for God or ever find love. You just have to ask your heart what makes you happy and complete this purpose for God. The human beings, who are Evil, do not appear happy or are the miserable people bored with their lives and jealous of others with a purpose. God needs us to find love and follow our hearts.