Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 2015

If we consider the end of time, we take ourselves to the infinite and to the end of the universe for a Divine reflection of God. Past this point we dare not travel, the vanishing point. Where the vanishing point may lay is relative. For some people the vanishing point is not past their front gate, for others past the mainland of the country of their residence and other people go way past the Earths surface, past all the other planets in the Universe and all the moons with the Sun to the very corner. This entrance to the infinite is similar to the last door entrance to Heaven, after death. It is more appropriate to think of our beginning and the development of human being as a species, something every human knows in their hearts, that we floated in from outer space as single celled organisms and then mutated out of primal slime, similar to the natural birthing of humans or frogs in the pond. Matter would have disintegrated from a dying star, the death of a planet or even outer galactic activity causing disruption. Black holes situated out there in our galaxy usually sweep away the debris but what is not cleansed is taken through the other end like a funnel or what occurs at the bottom of maelstroms. This is why space travel is too dangerous for human beings, with spacecraft, as we would be seen as a foreign body in our galaxy. The galaxy is weighted according to time.