Sunday, May 2, 2021

Your heavens see you, looking.

Nicole Page-Smith, photographs

Your heavens see you, looking

The wind is our eyes, we see the wind and like wind are moved in spirit. Our spirit flies and flying, sees. We see how our spirit can become like the wind. Our life is short and our mortal existence is a shortened view. Eyes see for our future and look ahead. Life travels through our Christian bodies like the wind. God sees us from the clouds and blows with the wind. Blowing the clouds blow around the sky. We can see the clouds. Your eyes water with the wind blowing in them. We are god and our eyes see the wind blowing around with the clouds moving across the sky. We see god in the clouds.

The birds see you and call you with their birdcalls but are more interested in other birds. Trees see you with a spirit wind sent by god. Trees are the eyes for the heavens. The eyes of god are the angels we see in dreams and feel in our spirit. We felt the eyes of the spirit of god, looking from above by the angels. You feel the eyes of seraphim. The eyes of god are your own human eyes and see. We see the world by the eyes of god. All beauty is the light of god and seen, the eyes of dreams looking at you. Angels can see you looking for them. We are the eyes of god.

Eyes see with the angels. Looking through angel eyes we see god. God is the world we see. Nature sees us and we walk looking up at the trees. Eyes of angels see. Looking to the heavens, god observes you. You are the universe and all the heavens. 

God has heavenly angels to see through your eyes for you. Meek for the lamb we are one with god. We look through eyes and have eyes see through you. Your heavens see you, looking.