Thursday, May 27, 2021


Nicole Page-Smith, photographs


Sea and all its eyes go on for infinity, moving from the monsters of the sea. Seas oh seas of monsters and old, we are eyes of the sea. We see ships sailing and creatures of sea and oceans. Rocks and crags of the sea with islands. Eyes see you and birds laugh whirling around and fishing out to sea. Monsters see you coming with big feet. The footprint of monsters could be out to sea but oh creatures and creatures of old Scylla's, multi headed beasts, birds like harpies with huge claws and enormous wings, Sirens of old all out to sea.

Eyes, eyes look at you, looking, looking, out to sea. Do you notice the infinity of the sea? Pearls and fishes of the sea breed fishermen. We look and can see to the end of the earth. We are the depth and all the oceans, for miles we see out to sea. Past the horizon is another day for the eyes of god and the sea.

Seas of old and the seas and oceans we know. Past infinities, of horizons and the clouds, float on air pockets of wind. Eyes of oceans and creatures of the sea, all looking for the god of the sea. Seas and oceans, waves and the sea.