Monday, May 10, 2021

We are angels

Nicole Page-Smith, photographs

We are angels

Eyes. There were eyes in the head of the god, eyes to see and we are the eyes of god. Looking. We see eyes, eyes looking, eyes, eyes that see and looking, we are observed. You see and can see eyes everywhere, looking at you. We observe, Christ has eyes. We are the eyes of Christ. We are his feet for he sees. At the foot of the Cross, we are. We are one and Christ for we foresee. We foresee Christ. Christ foresaw, our beginning. We are the eyes of Christ, to foresee. Eyes, looking, foresaw. Foreseen. Christ is our future. We are the eyes of Christ, seeing but not looking. Christ is our eyes and our body sees the church. Eyes, eyes to see. We are the eyes of god to see. We see the church, the front door. Christ sees our body. We are the body. Eyes, see.

Eyes to see. The eyes saw. Seeing is Christ. Eyes are our god. We are god, seeing. Eyes. Our body is our Christ and we see. We see Christ as Christ saw. The coming of Christ is our Lord above and we see. Our body is our love of Christ because we saw. Christ saw for us. When the beginning was the end. When the beginning was. Eyes saw. Eyes of Christ are to see, to see the beginning. Eyes could see the end. The horizon sees, sees to the end. Infinity is seeing. Look, look forward. To see is the future. Christ's future saw, saw seeing, saw our end but our end was our beginning. We were warned of the end of the world. The end is the beginning of an understanding. We saw, we saw Christ and Christ saw for us.

We saw with the eyes of Christ. Our eyes are to see with the future at hand. Our body knows the eyes. Eyes can see. Eyes, eyes, eyes are the eyes of god. Eyes saw and Christ said: "I saw the eyes of Christ". To see with eyes like the eyes of Christ we need the angels to peer through to see us and see. We are the eyes of Christ for the angels. God has the angels know. We see and they are the colours we see, angels see for god. God sees through our eyes with the angels. The colours of church windows illuminate your mind. We are angels.