Thursday, May 6, 2021

God's eyes

Nicole Page-Smith, photographs

God's eyes

Looking the Lord said: "he is the Lord and has eyes to see". Eyes see you with the Lord. When you walk through a forest you see the eyes of god and trees appear to look at you but god looks down with the angels and smiles. Angels are all the leaves on the trees, looking with eyes and trees see you. The birds fly through the forest with little concern you are there, looking for other birds. The birds are like angels and fly. Angels can fly right through you but tend to be like the birds, flying above you, flying. Sometimes, angels walk with you. Walking and flying angels tend to accompany you like the birds, flying. God looks at you from the heavens and observes all our daily events but we are god's eyes looking. We are like the trees, birds and angels looking with the eyes of god.

God's eyes.