Saturday, May 15, 2021

They fly through

Nicole Page-Smith, photographs

They fly through

We are eyes. We are the eyes of god through angels. God's arms and legs are our own, we are the eyes for god and see. We are the body. We are the body of Christ and god has feet. We are the hands. The spirit of god is the head and with arms, legs, feet and the body we are the Lord. Our hands are in prayer.

Our eyes look to see god. The whole spectrum of the rainbow floods through like light. Angelic are the eyes of god and the church windows of late afternoon. Blue and azure windows shine, orange, red. Reflections of yellow and gold. Eyes to see, eyes. The deep spiritual feeling of the interior of churches in the darkness between services and glow through the windows take you to a place close to god. Eyes, eyes to see. Windows and the spirit. The eyes of god are taken to the sky with the clouds looking down on you.

Clouds have eyes, eyes, eyes. The eyes of god. Clouds. Clouds in the sky have eyes, the eyes of god look down on you. Looking, they look, eyes, eyes. The street has eyes, eyes that peer and look through the pavement at you, peering. Pathways, paths to the the sea, through forests. Forests have eyes in the trees, bird's eyes peer at you, eyes have forests and forests become trees but not birds, they fly through.