Thursday, June 4, 2020

Traversing with the elephants

Nicole Page-Smith, Black, drawings, 2004

Traversing with the elephants

Riding on an elephant's back, the birds gaily flew. Birds and trees. Trees are usually the home of birds but elephants have their companions. Stirring up the insects, egrets call elephants home. Pounding, stampeding and roaring with the herd, elephants enjoy their companions but are barely aware they are there.

Walking amongst the birds flying.

Trees blowing in the wind.

Stormy gales,
window banging against their railing, 
swinging off their hinges and doors, creaking, in weather.

Trees know their birds by name.

Elephants walk on but the birds go and nest in the undergrowth, nesting by the water.

Black sculpture all twisted pulled cosmological star patterns from the sky, they jump. Jumping down into the steel they sparkle with the universes and cosmological orders of old, annotated, annotating and thousands of star maps or the astrological guides in literature for time pieces and the big old clock, god. Looking at your watch you are looking at the big old elephant, time and traversing with the universe time tells you. Time is there on the clock face and tells you like the stars, everything you need to know, stars then reflect down onto the studio floor and bounce back.

Stars bouncing in starlight communicating away. 
Stars, stars and cats, sculptures, cats and stars. As they sleep, the elephant sleep of a thousand million miles, we see lightyears. Lightyears and stars. Cats like elephants have a memory and appear to remember who you are. Does god inform them of the stars? Or is it just the heater, warming ideas?

Traversing with the elephants, we entered the jungle. Roaring and nudging trees like cats rubbing against the table, elephants are comfortable in their own environment. In the law of the jungle, bigger beasts get well fed. While cats treat you with distain in your own home, thinking you are stupid not understanding every whim, people tend to ponder the universe. Stars come out at night.

The cosmos wanders with you blackened by the stars at night, darkness. Darkness at night pervades on moonlit nights especially when the moon goes behind a cloud. Cats go and contemplate her, the moon, almost howling in silence, but purring. Elephants are asleep. The cosmos in the universe has stars in the darkness of night but an eternal night of space. Space and night could have one thing in common, stars. Stars and night, in the black of the night sky and dark matter of space, communicate. Perhaps, although you feel you are being informed yourself, stars communicate to one another and god. The mystical contemplation of stars.

Drawing reams and reams of star maps, the star guides to the heavens, communicated. Our lovely mystical union with the heavens, speaking angel with the angels and drawing gods and god on paper via the stars, liaising with our heart and conveying our very heart's desire, to draw. Drawing manuscripts written in the bible on paper, a love of god, written, drawn and in the stars already a language. The lineup of the planets.

Stars fell down from heaven.