Saturday, June 27, 2020

God has a soul

Nicole Page-Smith

God has a soul

One flame is the flame of the Lord but the spirit of God is the angel. Your angel. Supernatural and alive you are god but not angel. Angels frequent our spirit and almost prop us up on the inside holding our shoulders up so, we confront the Lord. The red heart is Jesus. Red in the sky means a frosty morn. A day in the Lord is a day in one and this is your day. God informs our heart slowly about our angel, he flies. Flying with angels fly. Flying. The concept of flight is given to us with the birds, flying through the sky. The new dawn brings the birds. Christ is in ascension.

The birds fly through the blood red sky to remind you of the heart of Jesus. Jesus flies with his heart unto the Lord, every morning with the dawn and colours of ascension. Through pinks and purples, we begin to see the new day. We live the life of Jesus. In the history of God and the planet we are then taken to the stars as though our universe is reflected on Earth. Constellations of fiery red, orange and colourful, cosmic, star patterns are given consideration by God. Planetary colours of Mars and Venus feel as old as the universe with the light out of darkness, nature in the sky. Red is the colour of Jesus.

If god had a heart, it would be the heart of man but the heart of Jesus. The heart of man is the heart of Jesus. Man has a heart. 

God has a soul.