Thursday, June 25, 2020

God - The holy spirit descends

Nicole Page-Smith


We are your universe. The universe becomes god and all its deities. Stars, their pathways, meteorites, asteroids and their cosmology. We travel with god, through the stars and keep going. Going to god. Gods draw us to them, but god is the all, powerful, universe. Do meteorites fall to Earth?

Earth. Earth and it's god.

God. You think of the seven wonders of the world. All of the ancient history. Stone. The first history of church sculpture and wonder about the first images of Christ. Christ has risen from the grave and we lead the life of Christ. We are taken from the tomb. We live the life of Jesus, we live, we live the life. We live the life of Jesus. Christ redeemed our sin.

We were one with god. We ate the bread but god ate more. More bread. God however, has the redeemer Christ by his side. The angels of Christ hold Christ's wounds out to be healed, by god. Christ in ascension is like the bird. A bird of Christ has a red face and flitters with golden wings. Indications of ascension.

We are given every indication from birth of who we are.

We are god. We are one. God is the feather, feathers ascend with the angel and descend with the holy spirit, the holy spirt, is unto you and descends. Descending.

When the holy spirit is unto thee you are one with god. Being one with god, you are unto thee. One with the holy spirit. One. One time. The one time you are unto thee you are one. Two people are one with the holy spirit. One Christ and one person. Christ is the person unto thee. The holy spirit descends.