Friday, June 26, 2020

We are one bread

Nicole Page-Smith

We are one bread

Redeeming, we redeem Christ. Christ is the spirit ascending. Ascending and descending with Christ is the heart. Christ is man.

Men are the loves and the fishes. We are Christ. Christ is man because of the wind of the spirit. Because. The spirit of angels is the wing. Wings are for the Holy Spirit to fly with the angels. Angels fly but when angels fly, we are no longer here. The connection with the Holy Spirit and god is the head and an imaginative ideal, the heavens. The heavens are where angels live.

Birds fly. Flying birds descend to the ground for the grain then ascend like angels. Birds flying are like angels. Angels flying with the fiery angels of heaven, we can only imagine but oh the birds of heaven are birds of Paradise. Paradise is the place. A place for the birds. The place where birds fly. The loaves are the fishes and the fish are loaves. We break the bread for Christ.

God, god is the bread.

Bread are he but when we say one, we are one bread.