Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa

Nicole Page-Smith

The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa

Chapter 1.

In a state of ecstatic consciousness, Saints believe. The belief in God is a euphoric act. Angels and feathers are involved. God gives the message of birds, flying. The Holy Spirit does fly. With us birds fly all around you as if in a euphoria of yourself. The Holy Spirit rushes through you as if blood through the veins. Ecstatic states natural to God have a conscious awareness of self, birds fly. The Holy Ghost is another matter and the spirit. Consciousness builds itself. Ecstasy is the state of altered consciousness. We fly to the tip of a tree with the cathedral in mind and land with the dove. Euphoria is an imagination of the knowing of Christ. We fly.

Rain through the forest trees takes you into the cathedral. God in nomination of a consciousness has light shine down upon you. Often sculpted euphoria comes in the form of gold Sun, rays or something shining out of Saints heads. Shining in God's light is a consciousness. Ecstasy is the observation of a heaven in the meeting of nature. Trees beam forth the light and occasionally church windows beam light in the late afternoon Sun. A transmutation of the spirit to the soul, spirit matter is the Earth and the euphoria of the viewer. White marble is designed to shine in the light.

Churches are in the dark by night. Stars shine brightly overhead with the moon lit on bright nights. The Christians observe their Saints in the sky. The sky over the churches in Rome at night has angels fly by. Angels fly to be with the people who love them. Christians nominate their faith in the churchyard. Saints are quite often not buried because their soul lives forever. You see the stars twinkle in the heavens above and in Roman Catholic churches trees are planted for a voyage of the soul. Upwards trees point to the heavens, above. Lining fields similar trees take souls on a journey out of town. Angels in a state of ecstasy have a view of the stars. Saints hover above the ground or are painted several metres above the ground on church walls, lining frescos or are buried along with their remains. The ecstasy of a Saint to see the stars in a state of euphoria is a blessing by God so, Christian Saints show us the view of heaven we need to see as a pathway to your fellow angel, they live in the sky. Angel realms are the conscious light of God and are our view. We are looking down from heaven to see our place on Earth.