Monday, May 6, 2019

Angels is all you see

Nicole Page-Smith

Angels is all you see

Earth and heaven meet. Angels sing in a consciousness and a conscious awareness of God. Consciousness and the upper light of God, takes you to the light. A light of the consciousness of God is a light. Heaven is an extremity. Light is never the sea nor the water for it is the light and a light bound for the conscious; you fly with the seabirds as if with the wind. Golden is the light of heaven. Flying embraces the angelic realm of God and angels inform the light of heaven. A ceiling like the light of God exists with the clouds and the sky. Ceilings representing God exist in Roman cathedrals and churches especially the Sistine Chapel. Clouds in the sky cast shadows on the ground but God provides a piercing of light through the clouds. Angels live in the light and a consciousness of Heaven. A consciousness of God equals the two feet you walk on and we fly as though wing born with the idea. God bless the angels in heaven.

Heaven is a place to find angels. In a consciousness of Heaven, angels exist. Angels surround you like seraphim. Seraphim are what hover all around you. Buzzing in heaven angels make a sound we cannot hear on Earth. Earth is the planet we live on. On the ceiling of the church is where gathering light may shine. Shining light takes you to heaven. You can imagine like clouds well with tears and angels cry, rain comes down from the heavens. Moisture rises with every breath and the breath of angels. Angels take you to Heaven as is a transporting and we are angels of God. God and the angels are friends.

Now, being angel would be an angel for God. God and the angels are feathered in companionship of being. The golden arrow causes ecstasy. Music can take you to the place. Universes of stars take you to the infinite and the white realm of an angel. Angels are our consciousness and for God an ether. Ecstatic angels are one. Three in one could equal our angel. Our angelic light is visible and shines. Shining angels used to equal the Sun and more effectively equal when you are smiling. You would not think angels and smiling could be so simply an ecstasy but an altered state of consciousness. Conscious of being happy does make you shine like the Sun and angels fly out of your heart to the Lord, above. Perhaps, God in heaven is full of the white light of happiness. You can imagine your Paradise is your heaven. Paradise on Earth is in the garden and we were born of the seed. Moisture like temporal rain travels upwards as though in rain forests to the treetops and keeps going to the clouds. However, the golden ceiling of heaven is lined with angels. The yellow, golden light of angels is all you see.