Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Flying is

William Henry Fox Talbot

Flying is

We enter a realm of heaven. Gods of sleep, imagination and dream are of a similar angel and you can almost imagine them flapping backwards and forwards as they ascend up and down to heaven and back in the evening. God sends you birds. Birds have significance.

In a number of different cultures including Greek and Roman, birds have powerful mythological, association. The eagles fly.

The eagle soars with the Holy Spirit and flies with the birds. Birds fly. And when birds fly off with the mythology of the mind you fly with them, they fly. Flying and flying on the wing glides you through the sleep of angels and, past them, ecstatic angels take you to euphoria.

You wonder. You wonder when you are gliding with the birds as they glide on the currents of the wind, air racing with the clouds, birds flying and gliding, how being so aerodynamic and flying with the angels would feel. Will we ever form wings to fly like the birds?

When God made the world and we came down to Earth through the cosmos were we ever Earthbound?

Angels are the result of God.

God loves the angels. Angels are in love with God.

Birds fly.

We need aerodynamics to fly. Flying like aeroplanes in the sky perhaps one day we will fly. Fly forward, fly with the wind, gliding. Flying is.

Photographs by Nicole Page-Smith